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  • 商品名称: S23A Visible Spectrophotometer(Cuvette or Tube)

Wavelength Range340-950nm

Wavelength Accuracy±2.5nm

Wavelength Repeatability≤1nm

Spectral Slit width12nm

Photometry Accuracy±2%(T) (tube), ±0.5%(T) (cuvette)

Photometry Repeatability0.3%τ

Voltage Requirements220V±10% or 110V±10%

Photometry Range0.0199.9%(T)  -0.32.999 A

                     19999 F  09999 C

InterfaceRS232 serial & parallel interface   



How to select the test tube

Generally the round test tube is not for optic purpose unless it is pre-checked strictly.

We can select it as follow:

1. Check size. (The size should be f12+0.4×75mm)

2. Check the surface of tube. (It should be no bubbles, no scabs, no thread like things.)

3. Warming instrument according to § § and set the wavelength at 360 nm.

4. Pour some pure water into tube and insert it to the test tube well in sample apartment. Check it just as § Then put some mark on the tube opposite the white mark at the instrument.

5. Put the other test tube into instrument one by one and get the readout for everyone and put mark at everyone. We can divide them in many groups. In each group the differential of readout for every tub is less then ±0.02A.

6. Then we can use tubes in same group for blank, sample, and standard solution needn’t check the tube every time.

Standard Package

1.  Main unit                                            1 Set

2.  Cuvette holder                                    1 PCs.

3.  Glass tube                                           2 PCs.

4.  Power cable                                        1 PCs.

5.  Operation manual                               1 PCs.

6.  Certificate of quality checking           1 PCs.

7.  Fuse (2A)                                            2 PCs.

8.  1 cm rectangular cell                           2 PCs.

Data Processing Software package 


1The instrument has variable wavelength and four scales: transmittance absorbency concentration and factor.

2Using universal test tubes or cuvette to make measure directly.

3The instrument is micro computerized and easy in operation.

4The 12nm spectral slit width provides the sensitivity required  for almost any application.

5One solid-state silicon detector covers entire wavelength range, eliminating the need to change detectors between different  analysis.

6It is easy to replace the unit of instrument specially the Unit of the Pre-adjusted light source, and make it convenient to maintain.

7Free adjusting for filter exchange.

8The grating and toroidal mirrors are selected in optical system

Spectrumlab 23A spectrophotometer is designed for the purpose of

education and general analysis in low costIt can use Φ10-Φ16mm tube or rectangular cuvette in sample departmenthigh reliable and operate easily. It can be used for environmental protectioneducation etc , qualitative analysis & quantitative analysis can be done

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