The company organized party members and activists to participate in the "Eight Hundred" learning and viewing activities

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2020-09-28 00:00

On September 2, the company organized party members and activists in the company to watch a patriotic education movie "Eight Hundred".

The film "Eight Hundred" is a film about at the end of the Songlu Battle in 1937, the 524th Regiment of the 88th Division of the National Revolutionary Army stayed behind at the Shanghai Sihang Warehouse, separated from the concession by a river, and fought alone for four days and nights, creating a rare case of being Watching war stories.

The film carefully depicts the unique environment of the battle and the growth of the Chinese soldiers in it, as well as the reactions and changes of all walks of life in China. The film takes a white horse that is bound to symbolize democracy and freedom as a clue, which profoundly alludes to the nature of war and the desire of ordinary people for light. A Suzhou River separates the warehouse and the concession, and the hell and heaven form a strong contrast. The south bank is full of feasting and bustling, and the north bank is full of gunfire and corpses. This intuitive visual impact is too shocking. Director Guan Hu has a unique way to focus his perspective on the little people at the bottom of the war.

There are more moving, empathy from the national suffering, but also from the courage of the compatriots to live to the death. The little people sacrifice their lives in the face of the country's righteousness, and don't let the Sixing warehouse become the grave of 400 people. As long as there is one person, You must stand firm and fight the enemy to the end. Most of them don't have names, but they actually lived. Thinking of this, I will feel that our life today is really hard-won, this kind of moving has turned into a kind of strength, cherish the current life, cherish the happiness around you, and work hard to make progress.

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