The company passed the quality management system supervision and audit

Release Time:

2020-09-24 00:00

On August 22, 2020, Shanghai Lengguang Technology Co., Ltd. passed the supervision and audit of the quality management system GB/T19001-2016 standard of Beijing Saixi Certification Co., Ltd. (formerly the Certification Center of China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization).

Beijing Saixi Certification Co., Ltd. conducted an on-site audit on our company's product quality management system management process, procurement and sales process, design and development process, production and inspection process. No non-compliance was found in the audit, and the certificate remains valid and registration status is maintained.

General Manager Li put forward requirements for the next work of each department of the company at the final audit meeting. He asked all departments to take seriously the suggestions put forward by the review teachers, actively analyze the reasons, draw inferences from other facts, and implement improvements. He emphasized that there are still deficiencies in the company's quality management system. All departments carefully check the weak links of their own departments, continuously improve the system, realize the continuous improvement of the company's quality management system, and improve the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system.

The quality department of Shanghai Lengguang Technology Co., Ltd.