The company participated in the third and fourth annual meeting of the National Analytical Instrument Standardization Sub-Technical Committee

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2019-12-20 00:00

On December 11-13, 2019, the third and fourth annual meeting and standard review meeting of the National Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation Standard Technical Committee Analytical Instrument Standardization Sub-Technical Committee (SAC/TC124/SC6) was held in Jilin City, Jilin Province, Shanghai Prism Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this meeting as a member of the Bidding Committee, and reviewed a draft of an analytical instrument national standard and a draft of a line of standards.

The meeting was presided over by Li Yueguang, Secretary General of China Instrument Industry Association and Deputy Chairman of SC6. Member and Deputy Secretary General of Analytical Instrument Sub-Technical Committee (SC6) Fang Xiaoshi, senior engineer on behalf of the TC124 Secretariat, affirmed the work of SC6 Standard Committee and hoped to pay close attention to the national Standardization strategy, continue to do a good job in the standardization of analytical instruments. Li Yueguang, deputy director of the Bidding Committee, pointed out that the standardization work should be transformed from what standards are lacking to what the national market needs.

The meeting reviewed the drafts of the national standard "General Specification for Raman Spectrometer" and the industry standard "Online Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer" in turn. After listening to the basic information of each standard introduced by each standard preparation group, the review experts carefully reviewed the formulation process, standard content, preparation instructions, solicitation of opinions and handling of opinions of each national standard and industry standard. Suggest revisions. After in-depth discussion, the participating experts unanimously agreed to pass the approval of the national standard and an industry standard, and agreed that the preparation working group would start the standard approval procedure after revising and improving it according to the opinions of this meeting.

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