What are the characteristics of the F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer application in the industry?

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2019-09-11 00:00

The F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer is a manual wavelength-adjustable fluorescence spectrophotometer. The excellent instrument design can meet a variety of analytical applications. The new F95S of the F90 series fluorescence spectrophotometer is based on the classic and stable optical system and the latest electronic technology development, 128*64 liquid crystal display, with high detection sensitivity, high selectivity, more user-friendly functional operation interface, rich Multifunctional basic testing instruments such as measuring accessories. It can perform convenient, comfortable and fast high-precision fluorescence intensity measurement, and is suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, and food safety testing.

The F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer adopts a cold light source and a replaceable interference filter system. The receiver adopts a high-performance photomultiplier tube detector. The special photomultiplier tube detector can be extended to detect the red sensitive band; it can provide detection from 250nm to 600nm. Excitation application configuration; the emission monochromator adopts a 1200-line grating, a large-aperture aspheric mirror spectroscopic system, with high sensitivity; 128*64 liquid crystal display, can directly fit linear equations, perform equation saving and opening operations; cooperate with general data The software package can be operated online, and the data can be further calculated and processed; the external serial printer can support the real-time printing function of fluorescence value and concentration, and execute data printout, which is convenient for data storage; rich accessories greatly expand the application scope of the instrument , which can support the measurement of liquid, powder, and thin film samples, can measure high-concentration samples that produce fluorescence mutual quenching, can achieve accurate measurement of trace samples as small as 5 μl, and can also be equipped with automatic sampling systems, etc.

The F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer is suitable for fluorescence quantitative determination in the ultraviolet and visible light regions. It can be extended to the red-sensitive band detection by using a special photomultiplier tube detector. It supports two modes: stand-alone and online. In stand-alone state, the computer system in the machine is used to provide fluorescence intensity measurement , Standard curve equation establishment and storage, concentration measurement, data printing, automatic zero adjustment, automatic background subtraction and other functions. The online status can be used for data acquisition and analysis using general data software through the serial interface.

The composition of F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer:
1. Light source: high pressure mercury vapor lamp or xenon arc lamp, the latter can emit a continuous spectrum with high intensity, and the intensity is almost equal in the range of 300nm ~ 400nm, so it is more commonly used.
2. Excitation monochromator: The excitation monochromator or the first monochromator is placed between the light source and the sample chamber to screen out a specific excitation spectrum.
3. Emission monochromator: The emission monochromator or the second monochromator is placed between the sample chamber and the detector, and the grating is often used as the monochromator. Filter out specific emission spectra.
4. Sample chamber: usually consists of a quartz cell (for liquid samples) or a solid sample holder (for powder or flake samples). When measuring liquids, the light source and the detector are arranged at a right angle; when measuring solids, the light source and the detector are arranged at an acute angle.
5. Detector: Generally, photocells or photomultipliers are used as detectors. The optical signal can be amplified and converted into an electrical signal.