F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer has seven characteristics in use

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2019-09-06 00:00

The F95S fluorescence spectrophotometer adopts a liquid crystal display, selects a special photomultiplier detector, and provides an excitation application configuration from 250nm to 600nm. Selective and more user-friendly functional operation interface, which can perform convenient, comfortable and fast high-precision fluorescence intensity measurement, suitable for qualitative and quantitative fields such as material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing, etc. analyze.

F95S Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Application:
It is a high-performance testing instrument based on the development of classic and stable optics and electronics, with high detection sensitivity, high test speed, user-friendly multi-function control and analysis operating software, and rich measurement accessories. Fast and high-precision fluorescence spectrum measurement, suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing and other fields.

Features of F95S Fluorescence Spectrophotometer:
1. 128*64 LCD display, more user-friendly operation interface.
2. The small and exquisite model can save a lot of desktop space.
3. It can be connected to an external serial printer to perform data printout, which is convenient for data preservation.
4. Fluorescence intensity measurement and sample concentration calculation, single machine can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of fluorescent samples.
5. Compared with the commonly used thermal light source, the cold light source with high reliability has the advantages of low background, low power consumption, low temperature, long life, high intensity, avoiding heat pollution, and more energy saving and environmental protection. Excitation wavelength of 365nm, detection limit of quinine sulfate to 5×〖10〗^(-10).
6. A variety of measurement accessories, including single-hole sample cell holder, multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder, 200µL microcentrifuge tube measurement accessory, capillary micro-sample measurement accessory, fluorescent sample semi-automatic sampling accessory, single-hole sample cell adapter, membrane samples and Powder sample measurement accessories and sheathed sample cell holders, etc. Rich accessories greatly expand the application range of the instrument.
7. Supports two modes: stand-alone and online. In stand-alone state, the built-in microcomputer system provides fluorescence intensity measurement, standard curve equation establishment and storage, concentration measurement, data printing, automatic zero adjustment, automatic background subtraction and other functions. Online operation with the optional general data processing software package makes it more convenient for you to further calculate and process the data and save your operation time.