756S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer must master these points before operation

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2019-08-17 00:00

756S UV-Vis spectrophotometer is a well-developed single-beam, wavelength automatic scanning UV-Vis spectrophotometer product. The product structure is exquisite, has the characteristics of high cost performance, rich and convenient instrument functions and so on. It can easily meet the needs of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing and other fields.

756S UV-Vis spectrophotometer is mainly composed of electro-optical system, optical system, optoelectronic system, electronic system, data processing, output printing system and other parts.
1. Electro-optical system: The electro-optical system is mainly composed of deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp and corresponding power supply. The electro-optical system has a great influence on the stability of the whole machine, and is one of the main reasons for the instability of the instrument.
2. Optical system: The optical system includes two main parts: the external optical path system and the monochromator; among them, there are many types of the external optical path and the monochromator. Monochromator is the main source of stray light of UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and it is one of the main sources of analysis error when the whole machine is used.
3. Photoelectric system: The evening photoelectric system is a key component that converts optical signals into electrical signals, which directly affects the sensitivity and scope of application of the instrument; generally, there are photocells, photomultiplier tubes, silicon photocells, diode arrays, etc.
4. Electronic system: The electronic system is mainly composed of amplifiers, A/D converters, etc. The amplifiers are also the main components that affect the sensitivity and stability of the whole machine. It is also the main source of instrument noise, which directly affects the analysis error of the UV-Vis spectrophotometer. , -
5. Data processing and output printing system: The data processing and output printing system are the key components that determine the degree of automation of the whole machine; especially the software part, which directly affects the quality of the UV-Vis spectrophotometer.

756S UV-Vis spectrophotometer operating points:
Before starting the instrument, be sure to take out the moisture-proof agent stored in the sample chamber. When the instrument is in normal operation, do not open the sample chamber cover; it is required that the liquid in the cuvette accounts for 66%-80% of the total volume. , Do not let too much liquid, so that the liquid leaks out and corrodes the instrument; during normal testing, you need to ensure that the cuvette is clean, and the droplets on the inner wall need to be wiped with professional paper, and must not be wiped directly by hand. , it is easy to cause injury to the hands of the user, and I believe that no one wants such a thing to happen.
When the 756S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is in normal operation, it is strictly forbidden to place liquid solvents on the surface of the instrument. If there is liquid leakage, it must be cleaned in time. When the detection is completed, the liquid in the cuvette needs to be disposed of in time, cleaned up with distilled water, and dried upside down. Finally, it is necessary to turn off the power of the instrument, put the moisture-proof agent into the sample room, do a good job of dust-proof treatment, and wait until the management personnel agree to leave.