Analyze the application fields and characteristics of the 72 series visible spectrophotometer

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2019-08-15 00:00

The 72 series visible spectrophotometer has a double beam detection system, and the double beam violet 72 series visible spectrophotometer has a double beam detection system. Spectrophotometer for analyzing samples. This method can overcome the influence of the instability of the light source, some impurity interference factors, etc., and can also detect the change of the sample with time. Spectrophotometer for the sample. This method can overcome the instability of the light source, some impurity interference factors, etc., and can also detect the change of the sample with time. , Double-beam optical system, thickened optical base plate, can better ensure the stability of the instrument. The operation interface and operating system are simple and fast, which reduces the detection time and increases the accuracy. Absorbance can be accurate to four decimal places. It can be upgraded to a special reflectivity instrument, a heavy metal detector, a water quality multi-parameter instrument, etc., and one machine has multiple uses.

The use of 72 series visible spectrophotometer:
Spectrophotometric analysis is an analytical method based on the selective absorption of monochromatic light of a certain wavelength by different substances. It can be widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection, teaching, material science, etc. It is an indispensable analytical testing instrument for scientific research, production and teaching.

72 series visible spectrophotometer application areas:
Scientific research institutions: national quality inspection institutions for quality inspection of products, quality control of finished products of manufacturing enterprises, inspection and quarantine of import and export commodities, scientific research institutes.
Teaching and research: It can be applied to the determination of complex composition, kinetic research, determination of acid-base dissociation constant, and photometric titration.
Environmental monitoring: The monitoring of water quality, atmosphere, rainfall and soil can be completed according to national standards, and the content of various pollutants can be determined.
Life science: It can test micro samples in the field of life, and provide DNA/protein detector, which can quickly measure the concentration of DNA/protein. At the same time, different analysis methods can be set to meet different needs.
Manufacturing: It can be applied to process control of industrial production, analysis of organic synthesis intermediates, analysis of additives, preservatives, and spices in food, as well as the content of nutrients such as fats, enzymes, sugars, minerals, and vitamins in food. Determination, cosmetics, etc.
Petrochemical: It can be applied to in-process control and finished product inspection in petrochemical production.
Health and epidemic prevention: medicine and hygiene, clinical analysis, disease control analysis, trace sample testing in the field of life, human biochemical index analysis, metabolite analysis.
Geological survey: It can be used in the determination of metal elements and inorganic salts in minerals, marine geological surveys, hydrological stations, etc.
Water quality analysis: It can be applied to water plants and sewage treatment plants.
Agriculture and forestry: It can be applied to various specific industries of agriculture and forestry, such as pesticide residue detection, crop component detection, chemical fertilizer detection, soil component detection, plant protection, plant quarantine, etc.
Animal husbandry and fishery: It can be used in veterinary drug testing, feed testing, animal disease prevention and control, etc.

72 series visible spectrophotometer features:
1. The 72 series visible spectrophotometer adopts the classic single-beam optical path structure, and the instrument has good stability and reproducibility. The application of the latest microcomputer processing technology makes the operation easier and can complete the test more quickly, and has automatic adjustment of 0%T and 100%T and other control functions and data processing functions of various methods.
2. The LED digital display can display parameters such as transmittance, absorbance and concentration, which improves the reading accuracy of the instrument.
3. Print output, equipped with a serial port, which can be directly connected to a printer to print experimental data.
4. Standard RS-232 communication interface (serial port), which can be connected to an ordinary personal computer equipped with Microsoft Windows system through user application software (sold separately) for experimental testing and data processing.
5. Using 1200/mm high-performance UV grating, imported tungsten lamp, large-scale integrated digital circuit, and new monochromator structure make the instrument more stable and reliable.
6. Automatically adjust 0%, adjust 100%, and the error-free conversion of T and A is easy to use.
7. The large sample room can be optionally placed with 50mm and 100mm cuvettes.