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F95S Fluorescence Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: F95S Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

    technical parameter

    technical indicators



    detection sensitivity

    Water Raman peak signal-to-noise ratio:S/N ≥90(P-P

    Excitation wavelength bandwidth


    Emission wavelength bandwidth


    Emission wavelength accuracy


    Emission wavelength repeatability


    light source

    High-intensity LED cold light source

    Optical system

    C-T Monochromator Grating Automatic Wavelength Scanning

    Fluorescence receiver

    Binsong original photomultiplier tube

    Excitation wavelength selectable range (LED light source)


    Emission wavelength range

    (200-650)nm, expandable to 200-900nm

    Wavelength scanning speed

    Fastest 30000nm/min, fine scan 15nm/min

    measure linearity

    Correlation coefficient≥0.995

    Gain adjustment range

    1~17 gears optional

    Integral response time

    6 gears optional: 0.1s~4s

    time scan settings

    Can be set arbitrarily, up to 640px00 seconds

    Data output method

    Microsoft (R) Excel format, bmp picture format

    data transmission method

    USB2.0 interface

    Luminosity value range


    Peak intensity repeatability


    power supply


    Standard energy consumption


    Dimensions (mm)



    Gross weight 14kg, net weight 9.6kg

  • Standard configuration items


    F95SFluorescence spectrophotometer host

    one  tower

    Exciting LED light source(F95S

    Excitation wavelength: 365nm

    Instruction Manual

    one  book

    Product Certificate of Conformity

     one serving

    10mmQuartz Cuvette

      one only

    power cable

    a root

    Fuse (2 A)

    two only

    Packing List

    one serving

  • Measurement accessories


    Online software

    Connect to a computer to use, more functions and more convenient operation

    Single-hole sample cell holder (already standard)

    Routine Liquid Fluorescence Measurements

    Multipurpose fluorescence sample holder

    Various measurement accessory bases

    Frequency doubling filter

    Eliminate frequency doubling interference peaks in fluorescence measurements

    200μLMicrocentrifuge Tube Measurement Accessories

    Centrifuge tube fluorescence measurement function

    Capillary Micro Sample Measurement Accessories

    Provides capillary micro sample measurement function

    Single Well Cell Adapter

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form the functions of conventional liquid fluorescence measurement and fluorescence reflection measurement

    Membrane fluorescence sample measuring rack

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescent sample holder to form conventional film sample fluorescence measurement and fluorescence reflection and transmission measurement functions

    Powder Fluorescence Sample Measuring Rack

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form a conventional powder sample fluorescence measurement function

    Sheathed cell holder

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form a sheathed fluorescence sample cell with fluorescence measurement function

    Micro Quartz Four-way Cuvette

    Provides fluorescence measurement function for trace samples

  • ★ 2 operating modes of fluorescence intensity and luminescence intensity can be selected. Fluorescence spectrum scanning, fluorescence kinetics measurement and quantitative analysis can be performed in fluorescence intensity mode.
    ★ The high reliability cold light source has the advantages of low background, low power consumption, low temperature, long life and high intensity compared with the commonly used thermal light source, avoiding heat pollution and more energy saving and environmental protection.
    ★ The signal-to-noise ratio of water Raman peak at 365nm excitation wavelength is ≥90 (p-p), and its high detection sensitivity is suitable for ultra-low concentration sample measurement.

    ★ Offers 10 emission spectrum scan speed options, including high-speed low-noise scan and fine scan. Among them, the ultra-fast scan is 30000nm/min, which can complete the full spectrum scan in 1 second, and has the intelligent pre-scan function, which can quickly display the spectral information of the unknown sample, automatically exclude the influence of other scattering peaks and frequency doubling peaks, and determine the best measurement. parameter to locate the fluorescence emission peak.★ Supports stand-alone and online modes. In stand-alone state, the built-in microcomputer system provides functions such as fluorescence intensity measurement, direct reading of concentration, automatic zero adjustment, and automatic background subtraction. In online state, qualitative/quantitative software can be used through the USB2.0 interface. Instrument control and data acquisition analysis.
    ★ It has the function of normalizing the fluorescence value during quantitative analysis, which can eliminate the problem of incomparability of fluorescence values ​​between different fluorescence photometers, and facilitate the unified evaluation of the experimental reports of students in colleges and universities.
    ★ The qualitative/quantitative software is rich in functions. The emission spectrum wavelength scanning menu can provide spectrum zooming, multi-spectrum comparison, spectrum calculation, peak-valley detection, peak area calculation and 1-4 order derivative spectrum functions; the quantitative test menu can use the standard curve method and The undetermined coefficient method detects the sample concentration, provides first-order linear regression, second-order or third-order linear fitting, and can customize the concentration unit.
    ★ A variety of measurement accessories, including single-hole cuvette holder, multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder, 200μl microcentrifuge tube fluorescence measurement, capillary micro-sample holder, semi-automatic fluorescence sample injection, single-hole cuvette adapter, membrane sample holder, Powder sample racks and sheathed cuvette racks, etc., trace samples as low as 5μl can be easily measured, and are also suitable for high-concentration fluorescence detection and solid-state fluorescence detection, which can meet various application requirements.
    ★ Small and exquisite model can save a lot of desktop space

  • Instrument introduction:
        This series of fluorescence spectrophotometers all use High-intensity LED cold light source,The emission monochromator adopts a 1200-line grating, a large-aperture aspherical mirror spectroscopic system, and a variety of accessories can support the measurement of liquid, solid, powder, and thin film samples, and the optional multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder can be used to achieve accurate high-concentration samples. For measurement, it can also accurately measure trace samples as small as 5μl, and optional trace sample accessories and automatic sample injection accessories can be selected to meet a variety of applications.
    F96S and F95S high-speed fluorescence spectrophotometers are suitable for measurement from ultraviolet light region to visible light region. They support stand-alone and online modes. In stand-alone state, the built-in microcomputer system is used to provide fluorescence intensity measurement, direct reading of concentration, automatic zero adjustment, and automatic deduction. Background and other functions, the online state can use the upper-level software to control the instrument and data acquisition and analysis through the USB2.0 interface.
    The F93 fluorescence spectrophotometer is suitable for the determination of visible light region. It can be extended to the red sensitive band detection by using a special photomultiplier tube detector. It supports two modes: stand-alone and online. In stand-alone state, the built-in microcomputer system is used to provide fluorescence intensity measurement and concentration direct reading. , automatic zero adjustment, automatic background subtraction and other functions. The online status can be used for data acquisition and analysis using general data software through the serial interface.

    Instrument use:
        F96S, F95S, F93 fluorescence spectrophotometers are based on the technical development of classic and stable optics and the latest electronics, with high detection sensitivity, high test speed, user-friendly multi-function control and analysis operating software and abundant measurement accessories. Performance testing instrument, which can perform convenient, comfortable and fast high-precision fluorescence spectroscopy measurement,It is suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, and food safety testing.