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F97 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fluorescence Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: F97 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fluorescence Spectrophotometer






    Optical system Double monochromator structure
    light source High-intensity and long-life ozone-removing 150W xenon lamp (2000 hours life in Hamamatsu, Japan)
    Excitation wavelength range (EX)


    Emission wavelength range (EM)


    Excitation and emission spectral bandwidths



    data transmission method


    Type of power supply




    weight Net weight 12Kg












    *Under development, please contact us for details


    Standard configuration items


    Fluorescence spectrophotometer host

    one  tower

    Instruction Manual

    one  book

    Product Qualification Certificate

    one serving

    Application References

    one serving

     Software U Disk


    10mm Quartz Cuvette

    2     only

     power cable

    one  root

    USB  cable data line

    one root

    Fuses (2A and 5A)

    2 each

     Packing List

     one serving

    dust cover

    one piece


     Measurement accessories


    Single-hole sample cell holder (already standard)

    Routine Liquid Fluorescence Measurements

    Multipurpose fluorescence sample holder

    Various measurement accessory bases

    Frequency doubling filter

    Eliminate frequency doubling interference peaks in fluorescence measurements

    200μL Microcentrifuge Tube Measurement Accessories

    Centrifuge tube fluorescence measurement function

    Capillary Micro Sample Measurement Accessories

    Provides capillary micro sample measurement function

    Single Well Cell Adapter

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form the functions of conventional liquid fluorescence measurement and fluorescence reflection measurement

    Membrane fluorescence sample measuring rack

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescent sample holder to form conventional film sample fluorescence measurement and fluorescence reflection and transmission measurement functions

    Powder Fluorescence Sample Measuring Rack

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form a conventional powder sample fluorescence measurement function

    Sheathed cell holder

    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form a sheathed fluorescence sample cell with fluorescence measurement function

    Micro Quartz Four-way Cuvette

    Provides fluorescence measurement function for micro-samples

  • •Double monochromator optical design, key components such as long-life ozone-removing xenon lamp light source and photomultiplier tube detector used in the instrument are all original components from Hamamatsu, Japan, which ensures that the instrument can obtain sufficient energy in the spectral range of 200nm-900nm. Light intensity signal and detection sensitivity.

    • The wavelength scanning speed can reach up to 48000nm/min, which can easily realize the three-dimensional fluorescence spectrum scanning of the sample within 1 minute.

    • With multi-level bandwidth adjustable function (F97 is a fixed 10nm bandwidth).

    •It can realize fluorescence three-dimensional scanning function, synchronous scanning function of equal wavelength difference, synchronous scanning function of equal wave number difference (constant energy difference), etc. It is an ideal instrument for researchers to conduct three-dimensional fluorescence analysis and synchronous fluorescence analysis. (*Synchronous scan function is only available on F97XP)

    •A variety of measurement accessories: including film sample and powder sample measurement accessories, up-conversion fluorescence measurement accessories, fluorescent sample semi-automatic sample injection accessories, semiconductor constant temperature sample cell accessories, water bath temperature control cuvette rack accessories, etc. Rich accessories greatly expand the application range of the instrument.

    •Built-in programmable optical gate device, specially designed for the measurement of samples that are prone to light reaction or unstable fluorescence signal, and improve the accuracy of fluorescence analysis by unifying the sample excitation and detection rhythm.

    •Spectral correction function: The spectral correction function can correct the spectral response function of the instrument itself, and obtain the real fluorescence spectrum data of the sample.

    •Optional audit trail function (with multi-level management authority), 3Q certification service.

  • Instrument introduction:

    F97 series petroleum hydrocarbon fluorescence spectrophotometers (F97, F97Pro, F97XP) are high-end fluorescence spectrophotometer products carefully developed by Shanghai Prism Technology Co., Ltd. The product adopts dual monochromator, proportional dual optical path design with excitation light monitoring system, 150W Hamamatsu high-quality xenon lamp, adopts 1200 lines/mm concave grating and large aperture aspheric mirror spectroscopic system, small size, compact structure, and has the ability to detect It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast scanning speed, wide spectral measurement range, large detection dynamic range and fast three-dimensional scanning. Excellent mechanical structure and digital signal processing ensure that the instrument can complete 3D full-spectrum scanning within 1 minute during high-speed 3D scanning.

    F97 series petroleum hydrocarbon fluorescence spectrophotometers (F97, F97Pro, F97XP) easily meet the qualitative and quantitative analysis needs in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing and other fields. It is your best choice for multi-functional, high-precision, high-efficiency fluorescence analysis!