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F98 3D Fluorescence Spectrometer








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    • 商品名称: F98 3D Fluorescence Spectrometer

    1. Technical parameters 2. Technical indicators

    2.> Instrument model 2.> F98

    3.>Detection sensitivity 3.>The Raman optical signal-to-noise ratio of water is better than 800(RMS)
    The peak-to-noise ratio is better than 250 (P-P)

    4.>Minimum sample volume 4.>0.5mL (using standard 10mm fluorescence cell)

    5.>Optical system 5.>Dual grating monochromator automatic wavelength scanning, with excitation light path dual beam ratio monitoring

    Unique horizontal beam design

    6.>Emitting wavelength range 6.>200nm~900nm

    7.>Excitation wavelength range 7.>200nm~900nm

    8.>Wavelength scanning speed 8.>15, 30, 60, 300, 1000, 3000, 10000, 15000,
    30000, 48000, 60000nm/min

    9.>Data processing unit           9.>Windows®2000 Windows®XP Professional Windows®7

    Windows®8 operating system

    10.>Printer             10.> Windows® 2000 Windows® XP Professional Windows® 7

    Compatible with Windows®8 operating system

    11.>Fluorescence receiver 11.>Japan Hamasong imported photomultiplier tube

    12.>Bandwidth               12.> (excitation, emission) 5 options: 1nm/2nm/5nm/10nm/20nm

    13.>Wavelength accuracy 13.>(excitation, emission) ±0.4nm

    14.>Wavelength repeatability 14.>(excitation, emission) ≤0.2nm

    15.>Measure linearity 15.>Correlation coefficient ≥0.995

    16.>Integration response time 16.>7 levels optional: maximum 8s, minimum 20ms

    17.>Gain adjustment range 17.>1~17 files optional

    18.>Data output method           18.> Microsoft (R) Excel format, bmp image format

    19.>Data transmission method 19.>USB2.0 interface

    20.> luminosity value range 20.> -9999~9999

    21.>Peak intensity repeatability 21.> ≤1.5%
    22.> Power 22.> 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

    23.>Standard energy consumption 23.>200W

    24.>Dimension (mm) 24.>610mm×460mm×365mm

    25.>Weight 25.>Net weight 21kg

  • Standard configuration items
    Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Master
    Instruction Manual
    Product Certificate of Conformity
    one serving
    Application References
    one serving
    Software CD
    10mm Quartz Cuvette
    power cable
    USB cable data cable
    Fuse (2A and 5A)
    2 each
    Packing List
    one serving
    dust cover
    one piece

  • Measurement accessories
    Single-hole sample cell holder (already standard)
    Routine Liquid Fluorescence Measurements
    Multipurpose fluorescence sample holder
    Various measurement accessory bases
    Frequency doubling filter
    Eliminate frequency doubling interference peaks in fluorescence measurements
    200&muL Microcentrifuge Tube Measurement Accessories
    Centrifuge tube fluorescence measurement function
    Membrane fluorescence sample measuring rack
    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescent sample holder to form conventional film sample fluorescence measurement and fluorescence reflection and transmission measurement functions
    Single Well Cell Adapter
    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form the functions of conventional liquid fluorescence measurement and fluorescence reflection measurement
    Sheathed cell holder
    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form a sheathed fluorescence sample cell with fluorescence measurement function
    Powder Fluorescence Sample Measuring Rack
    Combined with the multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder to form a conventional powder sample fluorescence measurement function
    Micro Quartz Four-way Cuvette
    Provides fluorescence measurement function for trace samples

  • ★Ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio: Unique horizontal beam design, large-aperture concave grating monochromator optical system, excellent luminescence detection efficiency and ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio,

    The Raman peak signal-to-noise ratio of water is greater than 250:1 (P-P) or 800:1 (RMS), which is the first domestic product to reach the international advanced level.

    ★Ultra-high scanning speed: with the world's highest wavelength scanning speed of 60000nm/min,

    The 3D fluorescence spectrum scanning of the sample can be easily realized within 1 minute, and the fluorescence characteristics of the sample can be fully understood.

    ★Ultra-high resolution: It has multi-level bandwidth adjustment function, and the excitation and emission spectra can be adjusted in five levels of 1nm, 2nm, 5nm, 10nm and 20nm.

    The spectral resolution of 1nm can easily meet the spectral resolution requirements of special fluorescent materials such as rare earth fluorescent materials.

    ★Ultra-high wavelength accuracy: The high-precision wavelength drive mechanism and intelligent wavelength correction system are designed to make the wavelength accuracy of the instrument reach the highest level of similar products.

    ★Super-rich advanced scanning functions: It can realize fluorescence 3D scanning, 3D time scanning, synchronous scanning with equal wavelength difference, synchronous scanning with equal wavenumber difference (constant energy difference), etc.

    It is an ideal instrument for researchers to conduct three-dimensional fluorescence analysis and synchronous fluorescence analysis.

    ★Less sample volume requirements: Unique horizontal beam design, when using a standard 10mm square sample cell, only 0.5ml sample volume can meet the test requirements.

    ★Large detection range: Both excitation and emission spectral ranges continuously cover 200nm to 900nm, meeting the needs of most fluorescence analysis tests.

    It has a fluorescence photometric value detection range of 6 orders of magnitude, which makes the instrument more suitable for various analysis and testing requirements.

    ★High quality assurance: The key components such as the xenon lamp light source and photomultiplier tube detector of the instrument are all original components of high-quality Japanese Hamamatsu (HAMAMATSU).

    The 150W high-intensity and long-life ozone-removing xenon lamp and R928 red-sensitive photomultiplier tube from Hamamatsu provide sufficient light intensity signal and detection sensitivity for the instrument in the spectral range of 200nm to 900nm.

    ★Large sample chamber: Compared with the previous generation product, which has an ultra-large sample chamber design, it is more convenient for users to perform sample replacement and accessory adjustment, and the instrument experience is more comfortable.

    ★Built-in light gate device: The built-in programmable light gate device is specially designed for the measurement of samples that are prone to photoreaction or the fluorescence signal is unstable, and improves the accuracy of fluorescence analysis by unifying the sample excitation and detection rhythm.

    Various measurement accessories: including single-hole sample cell holder, multi-purpose fluorescence sample holder, 200µL microcentrifuge tube measurement accessories, capillary micro sample measurement accessories,

    Accessories such as semi-automatic sample injection accessories for fluorescent samples, single-hole sample cell adapters, measurement accessories for membrane samples and powder samples, and sheath-type sample cell holders greatly expand the application range of the instrument.

  • F98 three-dimensional fluorescence spectrometer is a new generation of high-performance molecular luminescence analysis instrument of Shanghai Prism Technology Co., Ltd.

    The instrument is designed with high performance indicators as the leading design idea, and has the characteristics of ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio, ultra-high scanning speed, ultra-high resolution, ultra-high wavelength accuracy, and abundant test accessories.

    It can easily meet the needs of qualitative and quantitative analysis and scientific research in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing and other fields.