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752Pro UV-Vis Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: 752Pro UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
    Optical system Diffraction Grating C-T Monochromator
    light source Deuterium lamp (500 hours life) + tungsten lamp
    wavelength range

    190 nm1100 nm

    wavelength accuracy ±2.0nm
    wavelength repeatability




    Transmittance Accuracy


    Transmittance repeatability


    Stray light




    Photometric range




    weight Net weight 7.5Kg

    Standard configuration items


    UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Host

    one tower

    Instruction Manual

    one book

    Product Certificate of Conformity

    one serving

    10mm Quartz Cuvette

    2 only

    10mm glass cuvettes

    4 only

    10mm Light path cuvette holder

    a pair of

    power cable

    one root


    2 only

    Packing List

    one serving


    optional accessories


    Glass (quartz) cuvettes


    Light path cuvette holder


    Holmium oxide filter


    Praseodymium Neodymium Filter


    serial printer


    S20 common data package


    LG S20 Other accessories in the series


  • • The whole machine base and parts are made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the quality and reliability of the instrument are guaranteed.

    • High-quality C-T grating monochromator, precision grating and aspherical mirror optical components, excellent optical performance.

    • Adopting the patented technology of combined light source (utility model patent, patent number: ZL 2016 2 0096022.7), 752S uses a deuterium lamp with high stability, high brightness and a working life of not less than 2000 hours imported from Hamamatsu, Japan. For deuterium lamps with a working life of less than 500 hours, 752S and 752Pro use UV receivers from Hamamatsu, Japan, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the instrument.

    • Pre-calibrated light source and spectral energy correction system, which is convenient for users to replace and maintain the instrument.

    • Ultra-low stray light, excellent UV metering accuracy, the instrument has better cost performance.

    • The RS232 serial communication interface can be equipped with a special data processing software package to expand various data processing functions.

    • The quality of the instrument is stable. It is characterized by simple and reliable use and high cost performance. It has a high brand awareness and share in the market. It is widely used in medical and health, clinical testing, biochemistry, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, quality control, etc. Department for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Instrument introduction:
        According to the needs of different users, the company has launched new 752 series products (752Bas, 752Pro), so that users can"Better product for the same price”, allowing users to get more benefits.

    Instrument use:
        The 752 series UV-Vis spectrophotometer is a simple and easy-to-use general-purpose instrument for spectrophotometry. It can perform direct reading measurement of transmittance, absorbance and concentration in the range of 190-1100nm, as well as concentration factor setting. The wavelength is manually adjusted, and the 2nm bandwidth can be adjusted. It can meet almost all quantitative testing requirements, and can be widely used in medical and health, clinical testing, biochemistry, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, quality control and other departments for qualitative and quantitative analysis.