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755S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: 755S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


    technical parameter

    technical indicators

    Optical System

    Premium C-T monochromator and 1200 lines/mm diffraction grating

    Display method

    128*64Dot matrix LCD

    wavelength range


    wavelength bandwidth


    stray light


    Transmittance Accuracy


    Transmittance repeatability


    Wavelength Accuracy


    wavelength repeatability


    Transmittance range


    Absorbance range




    Standard configuration items


    755SUV-visible spectrophotometer

    one tower

    Instruction Manual

    one  book

    Product Qualification Certificate

    one serving

    10mm  Quartz cuvettes

    2   only

    10mm  glass cuvettes

    4   only

    10mm Light path cuvette holder

    a pair of

    power cable

    a root


    2   only

    Packing List

    one serving


    optional accessories


    Glass (quartz) cuvettes


    Light Path Cuvette Holder


    holmium oxide filter


     Praseodymium Neodymium Filter


    Serial printer or standard external inkjet printer


    USB To serial communication line


    S20 common data package


    LG S20 Other accessories in the series


  • ★ 128×64 dot matrix 3-inch LCD display, Chinese menu and status prompt, with 2K Byte power-off protection memory, can save 18 sets of test parameters and linear regression equations. Decimal keyboard input, the host can directly calibrate the least squares method to establish a linear regression equation.
    ★ Using Japanese original Hamamatsu L2D2 series high stability, high brightness, not less than 3000 hours working life deuterium lamp, Japan original 10000 hours long life tungsten lamp, Hamamatsu 1226 UV receiver; patented technology combined light source technology stability and reliability high.
    ★ With RS232 serial port, optional special data processing software package to expand quantitative analysis and other functions or external serial printer.
    ★ Manual adjustment of wavelength; automatic 100% and 0 adjustment; transmittance and absorbance measurement, concentration factor setting and direct reading of concentration.
    ★ Lightweight, 7.5kg in weight, suitable for modern laboratory environment and mobile carrying.
    ★ The sample chamber accommodates a 4-position cuvette holder, and the user can choose a rectangular cuvette with a light diameter of 1-5cm.

  • Instrument introduction:
        The 755S UV-Vis spectrophotometer adopts a large-screen blue-screen high-brightness LCD display, Chinese menu and online status prompts, parameter power-off protection, direct least squares calibration of the host to establish a linear regression equation, data recording and editing management, 2nm bandwidth can be Meet almost all quantitative test requirements, ultra-low stray light, with excellent and reliable performance indicators, suitable for high-precision quantitative analysis.

    Instrument use:
        The 755S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is a powerful manual wavelength UV-Vis spectrophotometer. It is easy to use and has complete stand-alone operation functions. It can meet almost all quantitative test requirements and can be widely used in medical and health, clinical testing, biochemistry, petrochemical industry. , environmental monitoring, quality control and other departments for qualitative and quantitative analysis.