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759S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: 759S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


    Instrument model:


    Optical system:

    Diffraction Grating C-T Monochromator

    light source:

    Japan Hamamatsu long-life high-stable deuterium lamp (2000 hours), long-life tungsten lamp

    wavelength range:


    wavelength accuracy:


    wavelength repeatability:




    Transmittance Accuracy:


    Transmittance repeatability:


    Stray light:


    Baseline flatness:






    Photometric range:


    display system:

    128×64Large LCD display

    host interface function:

    USB-A (U disk), USB-B (online), serial port (printer)

    Instrument size:





    Standard configuration items quantity
    UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Host

    one tower

    Instruction Manual

    one book

    Product Certificate of Conformity

    one serving

    10mm Quartz Cuvette


    10mm glass cuvettes


    power cable

    one root

    1cmLight path cuvette holder




    Packing List

    one serving

    Product Warranty

    one serving

    U disk



    Optional accessory items


    Rectangular cuvettes (glass)


    Rectangular Cuvette (Quartz)


    5cmLight path cuvette holder


    UV-Prolab Operating software (CD-ROM)


    USB Communication Cable




    Neodymium Praseodymium Filters


    Holmium oxide filter




    Deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp


    LG S20Other accessories in the series


  • Long service life of light source: The long-life light source from HAMAMATSU in Japan guarantees a working life of more than 2000 hours, which greatly reduces the maintenance frequency and cost of daily replacement of the light source of the instrument.

    Low stray light: The precise optical design ensures that the instrument can reach the stray light level of less than 5/10,000, meeting the user's measurement requirements for samples with high absorbance.

    High wavelength accuracy: The built-in spectral characteristic wavelength of the instrument automatically performs wavelength detection and correction to ensure wavelength accuracy and long-term stability.

    Wide wavelength range: The wavelength range of the instrument covers 190nm to 1100nm, reaching the widest wavelength range of the same grade of instruments, meeting the wavelength requirements of most spectrophotometric analysis and testing.

    High-speed scanning: Multi-level optional scanning speed, high-precision wavelength drive mechanism, combined with high-precision stepper motor subdivision technology and high-speed digital signal processing technology, the maximum wavelength scanning speed reaches 7000nm/min, and the wavelength moving speed is higher than 10000nm/ min. High-speed scanning can help users to capture the instantaneous spectral changes of samples and improve work testing efficiency.

    Automatic matching function of cuvettes: The 759S UV-Vis spectrophotometer supports automatic matching of cuvettes, which can effectively reduce the error caused by differences in cuvettes for quantitative testing, and further improve the test accuracy.

    High photometric accuracy: The overall aluminum alloy die-casting mold is used to ensure that the optical optical path meets the measurement design requirements, improves the process assembly efficiency, and achieves high photometric accuracy test indicators.

    Single-machine U-disk storage: equipped with U-disk storage function, the quantitative data of the single-machine test is stored in the U-disk, and the file format is compatible with application software such as Excel, which is convenient for users to manage data.

    The single-machine quantitative analysis function is rich: the electronic system adopts a 32-bit ARM core processor system and is equipped with a 128×64 large-screen LCD display. The single-machine quantitative analysis function can perform multi-wavelength testing, standard curve fitting and measurement, standard coefficient equation input, and standard equation. Reading and storage, data storage and printing, concentration quantitative test and other functions.

    Light source replacement is convenient: The deuterium lamp of the instrument is fixed by a universal flange, and the replacement of the deuterium lamp can be completed with the operation of two screws, without the need for optical path adjustment, which makes the maintenance of the instrument simpler and more reliable.

    USB communication mode: The instrument uses USB to connect to the computer, with high interface penetration rate, fast communication speed and high degree of automation. Compared with the traditional RS232 serial port, users can realize online communication without any parameter setting.

    Powerful software: the software can realize spectrum scanning, time scanning, kinetic test, quantitative analysis, multi-wavelength analysis and formula calculation, spectrum processing, peak and valley search, printing data, DNA/RNA test, instrument calibration, performance verification, etc. functions to meet various requirements in different areas of analysis.

  • Instrument introduction:

    759S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is a single-beam, wavelength automatic scanning UV-Vis spectrophotometer product developed by Shanghai Prism Technology Co., Ltd. The product structure is exquisite, with high performance index, long service life of light source, rich and convenient instrument functions and so on.

    Instrument use:

    The 759S UV-Vis spectrophotometer can easily meet the needs of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the fields of material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, and food safety testing.