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721S Domestic Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: 721S Domestic Spectrophotometer


    721S Domestic Spectrophotometer

    Technical indicators

    Optical system

    high qualityC-TMonochromators and sealed gratings

    Display method

    418mmhigh brightness displayLED

    wavelength range


    wavelength bandwidth


    Stray light


    Transmittance Accuracy


    Transmittance repeatability


    wavelength accuracy


    wavelength repeatability


    Transmittance range


    Absorbance range


    power supply     





    Gross weight 6kg, net weight 4kg


    Standard configuration items


    721SVisible Spectrophotometer Host

    one tower

    Product Instructions

    one book

    Product Qualification Certificate

    one serving
    10mm glass cuvette

    4  only

    10mm light path cuvette holder a pair of
    power cable a root
    Fuse (2 A)

    2  only

    Packing List one serving

    optional accessories


    glass cuvettes


    Light path cuvette holder


    Praseodymium Neodymium Filter


    LG S20Other accessories in the series


  • ★ 4-digit 18mm high-brightness LED display.
    ★ With 4 test modes: transmittance τ, absorbance A, concentration direct reading C and coefficient setting F, fully meet the test requirements.
    ★ Wide measurement range: The test range of T mode is 0-199.9%τ, and the test range of A mode is -0.300-1.999A.
    ★ The degree of automation is improved: including automatic adjustment of 0, automatic adjustment of 100% T and error-free T-A conversion, so the test process is simple.
    ★ Reasonable structure and advanced optical system design: using precision-machined high-quality CT monochromator and sealed grating, the optical performance is better than the traditional LITTROW monochromator, in terms of resolution, photometric accuracy, stray light and stability indicators There are obvious advantages in the above, and the volume is reduced at the same time.
    ★ Dedicated precision pre-adjusted lamp and lamp holder: You can replace and install by yourself without adjusting the optical path again, which provides convenience for users who do not have professional maintenance skills.
    ★ Precision linkage cut-off filter system: It can automatically switch to the corresponding filter according to the wavelength to further reduce stray light.
    ★ The sample chamber is made of special engineering plastics resistant to solvents and strong acid and alkali, which is completely corrosion-resistant, and a removable and flushable liquid accumulation tray and liquid storage container are installed at the bottom, which improves the quality of the user end of the instrument and is a solution to the test conditions. The best solution to shorten the service life of the instrument due to harsh conditions.
    ★ Using prism technology to standardize the sample chamber structure, it can share sample chamber accessories with our company's 722S, S22PC, 752S and other models.
    ★ The lubricity and positioning accuracy of the cuvette positioning are improved.
    ★ 4-unit cell structure: 10-50mm cuvettes can be used.★ Flame-retardant insulating all-plastic shell, safe to use, small in size and light in weight, has the advantages of beautiful appearance and convenient transportation, movement and holding.
    ★ The allowable power supply range of the instrument is extended from 198-240V of traditional 721 to 100-240V.
    ★ The manufacturing process implements standardization, versatility and consistency, adopts the full mold production process and a large number of standard tooling equipment, and the ISO9001/2000 system certification enables the product quality to be controlled throughout the process and the instrument quality is guaranteed.

  • Instrument introduction:
        As an upgraded version of the traditional 721, the 721S visible spectrophotometer integrates rich manufacturing experience, innovative design concepts and strict process management. It combines mature standards with modern technology, high-quality performance indicators, and can meet 100mm colorimetry. It is a high-quality brand instrument for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content of substances in the visible spectral region.

    Instrument use:
        The 721 visible spectrophotometer can be dedicated to research, monitoring, teaching or quality control users in various fields with different needs. It is a brand instrument used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content of substances in the visible spectrum region. Basic teaching laboratories in colleges and universities and routine testing tools in papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing, electric power and other industries.