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722S Visible Spectrophotometer








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    • 商品名称: 722S Visible Spectrophotometer


    technical parameter

    Technical indicators

    Optical system

    high qualityC-Tmonochrome1200/mmDiffraction grating

    Display method

    4 bitLEDdisplay

    wavelength range


    wavelength bandwidth


    Stray light


    Transmittance Accuracy


    Transmittance repeatability


    wavelength accuracy


    wavelength repeatability


    Transmittance range


    Absorbance range


    Interface Type

    RS232serial port

    power supply     





     Gross weight: 9.5 kg Net weight 7.0kg


    Standard configuration items


    722SVisible Spectrophotometer

    One tower

    Instruction Manual

    One Book

    Product Certificate of Conformity

    one serving

    10mm glass cuvettes

    4  only

    10mmLight path cuvette holder

    a pair of

        power cable  

    a root

    fuse (2A

      two only

    Packing List         

    one serving


    optional accessories


    glass cuvettes


    Light path cuvette holder


    Praseodymium Neodymium Filter


    LG S20Other accessories in the series


    S20 common data package


    serial printer


  • ★ Using C-T monochromator, precision grating and aspherical mirror optical components, the whole machine base and parts are made of aluminum alloy die-casting.
    ★ Using pre-calibrated light source, replacement is more convenient.
    ★ Manual adjustment of wavelength; using microcomputer measurement system, with accurate T/A conversion, automatic adjustment of 0% and 100%, direct reading of concentration, concentration factor setting and other functions.
    ★ With RS232 serial interface, optional serial printer can print test data directly; or optional special data processing software package, after connecting with PC, data storage, recording, transmission and linear regression can be realized.
    ★ 722SP visible spectrophotometer adopts flame-retardant insulating all-plastic casing, which is safe to use, small in size and light in weight.
    ★ 722SP visible spectrophotometer adopts reasonable structure and advanced optical system design, adopts high-quality C-T monochromator and sealed grating which are precisely machined, with small size and good optical performance.
    ★ The sample room accommodates 4-position cuvette racks, optional 1-5cm optical diameter rectangular cuvette and 5cm cuvette rack.

  • Instrument introduction:
        The S22 series visible spectrophotometer has three models: 722S visible spectrophotometer, 722SP visible spectrophotometer and S22PC visible spectrophotometer.
    722S/S22PC visible spectrophotometer is a classic general-purpose spectrophotometer instrument. This product is the first independent innovation product in Shanghai and won the BCEIA Gold Award. This instrument has a high brand awareness and market share in the market. It has the characteristics of high quality, complete functions, lightness and novelty, and is the first choice for high-quality and high-quality brand instruments.
    722SP visible spectrophotometer integrates the advantages of 722S and S22PC, emphasizes innovation and progress, people-oriented, technical indicators have been further expanded and improved, and has a high brand awareness and market share in the market. specialty.

    Instrument use:
        The S22 series of visible spectrophotometers highlight the concept designed for users, and can be widely used in medical and health, clinical testing, biochemistry, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, quality control and other departments for qualitative and quantitative analysis. It is the first choice for large-scale equipment in university laboratories!