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编号 :

WYL-3 Stress Meter








  • Specification
  • Standard
  • Options
  • Features
  • Introduction and use
    • 商品名称: WYL-3 Stress Meter


    technical parameter Technical indicators
    light source 220V 13W tri-color energy-saving lamp
    Stress measurement range


    Full wave plate optical path difference

    560 nm

    Maximum size of the sample to be inspected Width 440mm; Height 440mm; Height 240 mm
    Instrument size (mm)


    weight Net weight 3kg Gross weight 4kg

    Standard configuration items


    main machine one set
    Instruction Manual

    one Book

    Product Certificate of Conformity

    one  share

    power cable

    one root

    Fuse (2A) 2 each
    Packing List

    one share

  • ★ Diffuse lighting, bright field of view.
    ★ Uniform illumination and good sensitivity.
    ★ Small size and simple structure.
    ★ Easy to operate, reliable and practical.

  • Instrument introduction:
         Through the observation of optical birefringence, the quality of optical glass, glass products or other small transparent products can be checked quickly and continuously.

    Use of the instrument:
        A stress meter is an instrument used to check the magnitude and distribution of stress in a transparent object. It is not only widely used in optical glass, optical instruments, glass products, plastic products and other industries, but also plays an important role in the inspection of safety and explosion-proof indicators of building materials, lamps, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and handicrafts. There are also many applications in science. At the same time, this instrument is also an ideal teaching and experimental equipment for colleges and universities.